AllSoft Technologies Networking and Multi User Point Of Sale

If you are selling franchises or manage a warehouse and salesmen on the road, the Tool Manager computer program will help you manage your salesmen, their customers, and inventories.

The following illustration demonstrates how Tool Manager can be installed for multiple users. This illustration shows a warehouse computer and three trucks on the road.

On the Warehouse Computer screen are four copies of the Tool Manager computer program. Three are for salesmen Joe, Fred, and Tom and the fourth is for the warehouse. 

Each of the three trucks (Joe, Fred, and Tom) have copies of the Tool Manager computer program running on computers in their trucks.

Keep the warehouse computer up to date with the truck computers by having each salesmen on the trucks perform a Tool Manager backup and the Warehouse computer will restore it to the appropriate Tool Manager program running on the warehouse computer. As an example, Tom would backup his Tool Manager on his truck to a Flash-drive, Email, or Cloud.  The Warehouse run Tomís Tool Manager and perform a Tool Manager Restore.  Now the warehouse computer for Tom is identical to Tom's truck computer..

To update the salesmenís inventory, you set up in your Warehouse a copy of Tool Manager with the salesmen (Joe, Fred, and Tom) as customers.  You then sell these customers items from your inventory by fulfilling orders from each salesman.

To give the salesmen inventory price updates, you can export your inventory from the warehouse computer and import the inventory into the salesmenís computers.  Because an import will update rather than replace, the salesmenís quantities remain unchanged by the import.

Since you build from one to many users, the following pricing:

 Subscription          Initial-fee       Annually
 1                     $575               $575
 Each new user         $200               $90
 5 Ė 10                ----               $900
 11 - 25               ----               $2000
 26 - 100              ----               $3500

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