AllSoft Technologies - About/Contacts


Text/Phone: 814 602-4089

  Manager: Al Larson, MS Computer Science
  Software Development:
     Primary: Al Larson
        1. Kirsten, Bachelor Computer Programming
        2. Parent company resources
  Technical Support:
     Primary: Al Larson
        1. Kirsten
        2. Parent company resources

The AllSoft Technologies company was created by Al Larson shortly after college, which he owned and managed for about 10 years. To improve the company's business opportunities and provide a securer company for its customers, Al Larson sold the company in 2005 to a private investment group. The group empowered Al Larson to continue to manage the company as he had done in the past.

  Copyrights of our software are on file with the Library of Congress.
  >  A registered trademark for the name Tool Manager (R) is filed with the US Department of Commerce.
  >  Our company website is an uncluttered, friendly interface for customer sales, product information, upgrades, and technical support.
  >  Frequently we setup booths at industry specific trade shows to market our products and we advertise through magazines. 
      Our next show is at the ISN Tool Show in July 2024.
  >  A few years back, one of the largest magazines in tool sales industry, PTED, ran a five page article about our company and its history.