Tool Manager New Computer Installation

From your new computer, run this internet files:

        If you cannot run the above file, do these instructions:

        Open the file

             Extract to a location on your computer.

             Run SETUP.EXE


3. Start Tool Manager using the Red-Truck Icon on your desktop.

4. If asked for a password, ignore it by pressing the ESC on your keyboard.

5. Do a Program Update:   Options -> C -> Internet->Download_Program_Update


6. Exiting users restore from your backup:  OPTIONS --> RESTORE.

    NOTE:  Use OPTIONS -> BACKUP -> DATA/INVENTORY on your GOOD computer.

                 and OPTIONS -> RESTORE on your new or "don't care" computer.


7. Exit Tool Manager.

    Right mouse-click on the red-truck icon.

    Click on “Properties”.

    Click “Compatibility”.

    Click “Change high DPI settings”.

    Check the box “Override high DPI scaling behavior. 

   Below this, drop the menu down and select “System”.

    Click OK and OK.


8. If new users, watch Videos at least the first four videos or phone/text for a live tour.



   Al Larson

   814 602-4089

   AllSoft Technologies

   7 days a week from 7AM - 7PM EST.

   Remote Support Link: