AllSoft Technologies - Features

Best Mobile Computer Software In the Industry


>   Software Data Conversions.

  o   Move your old software's data into ours.

>   Integrated Credit Card Processing.

  o   New or use your existing merchant account.

  o   Chip-Reader, Magnetic-Strip, or Manual Entry.

  o   On Site, Delayed, or Reoccurring Payments.

  o   You can optionally use your own external processing.

>   Fast Point of Sale.

  o   Multiple Simultaneous Opened Invoices.

  o   Barcode Scanning for Inventory and Driver License.

  o   Text everyone in the shop that you are in the parking lot.

  o   Invoice/Payment receipts: print, text, email, pdf-attached email.

>   Inventory Price Updates.

  o   Dozens of Vendors and Manufacturers compete at point-of-sale.

  o   Manufacturer level mark-up pricing control.

  o   Invoice will save Original Costs, Warranty-codes, and Other Info per line-item.

  o   Ordering System Supports electronic-transfer, email, fax, or phone-in.

>    Gear Wrench Street Team Compatible.

>    Decades of Maturity and Dozens of new Features added Annually.

>    Technical Support 7 days a week and Help Videos available.


>    Windows Home or Pro Computers.

>    Apple Computers with Windows Emulator.

>    Tablets and Smart Phones.

  o   Using remote-desktop software.

  o   Email data transfers.